Food wastage Management

Whizhop's wastage & pilferage management system tracks & controls wastage.


Shelf life Management

Our unique 'expiry alert' feature alerts your staff on items that are approaching perishability thereby giving them an opportunity to prioritize sale of them & avoid loss.


Inventory Management

Intelligent inventory-management module helps you track your stock and ensures you never run out of stock of your best selling products.


Tracking Management

Staff-tracking and sales tracking features helps a remotely operating owner/manager to effectively track and manage.


BI Reports

Business intelligence reports help owners/managers running an efficient business from wherever they operate.


Loyalty and Promotions

Whizhop's "Promotions" Module offers multimedia promotions feature by which you can promote your self service restaurant or eatery.


A smart way to deliver food without delay. Increase the productivity of your waiter with customized food ordering feature and avoid manual errors with Whizhop’s GST ready restaurant billing software.

  • Dining / Takeaway / Door delivery
  • KOT versus multiple kitchen mappings
  • Order management
  • Guest Feedback & SMS Alerts
  • Supports offline mode


The desktop based Whizhop’s GST ready restaurant billing software with attractive UI is available at affordable price to accelerate your self service or eatery restaurant billing process with ease. The overall management of billing and ordering can be monitored and analyzed in desktop touch base POS.

  • Separate bills for Dining, Door delivery and Take away
  • Take orders for combo offers along with products
  • Par stock management
  • Apply different discount types for the bill/individual product
  • Transactions & Reports in a single tap
  • Different e-Menu for different locations
  • Product variant selection
  • Instant bill update in cloud


Chef receives orders from various customers along with their customized instructions through Whizhop GST ready restaurant billing POS software. The Inventory management software in Whizhop’s module helps chef to track the inventory.

  • Can view and update KOTs,
  • Handle multiple KOTs,
  • View guest preferences and manage the order-delivery lifecycle in a better way.
  • KOT View & Update
  • View guest preferences
  • Order-Delivery lifecycle management


Track your sales performance and analyze report on the go with Whizhop’s manager app, a GST ready restaurant billing software . All reports can be viewed and analyzed by using this application conveniently for the self service eatery or location associated with this manager app.

  • Enables restaurant managers to have access to multi-location sales trends,
  • Sales analysis and business intelligence reports.
  • Used by CXO level.
  • Multi-location sales trends
  • Sales analysis
  • BI Reports


Awesomely crafted Guest App helps the customers to choose the dish, give instructions & order directly to the chef where they can serve faster.

  • Flexible table selection
  • Easy browsing of menu with order viewing
  • Engage guests with entertainment
  • Customise your preferences to Chef
  • Know your order status
  • Call waiter facility
  • Pay on table
  • Share your feedback
  • Bill on SMS

Beacon App

Whizhop’s Beacon App promote your business and notify the offers to the customers who passes within the range of your restaurant.

  • Enable your brand to communicate better with customers.
  • Increases sales conversions & enhance customer engagements
  • In-store proximity marketing with whizhop beacon app helps in boosting in-store customer traffic
  • Know your customer preferences
  • Gather customer purchase patterns & preferences helping you to personalize offers to targeted customers
  • Increase your brand competitiveness in the market


Whizhop’s admin portal is a modest and user friendly UI to setup your self service restaurant in cloud environment along with inventory management feature added in this POS software. Creation of menu & its pricing, billing set up, kitchen management, role assignment, report analysis, Table management, etc.

  • Easy registration
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Configure categories & products
  • User & device management
  • Manage price book
  • Support for multiple kitchens
  • Sales & closure reports