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Tablet based e-menu for restaurants

Differentiate your restaurant arena with Whizhop’s digital menu!

Whizhop with its dynamic restaurant billing software provides an option – E-MENU. This delights your guest and provides them a pleasant dining experience. Whizhop’s billing software products will differentiate your restaurant’s dining arena. With whizhop e-menu customers will have a brief information on the menu and its variants through its GUEST APPLICATION.

This helps them to choose the dish, give instructions & order directly to the chef where they can serve faster. The images of the dishes in the menu can be integrated in the e-menu. This helps customers to have a vision about the dish that they are going to order.

Whizhop’s restaurant billing software products helps the owner to create & add the menus in a jiffy. This billing software is updated in latest technology and automates the entire processes with its interactive e-menu.

  • Guest can view and order their food directly to Chef
  • Special instructions to Chef for the order they made is available i.e., Medium/Full cook, Mild/Hot (spiciness), less oiled, etc.
  • Ordered food status can be Tracked
  • Instant order delivery increases the speed for serving as it reduces the servers turnaround time for each table
  • Communicating with the Chef and the server is conveniently designed
  • Can be benefited with the offers and promotions provided by the restaurant i.e., Happy hours, combo menus, etc.


Tablet based promotions and loyalty for restaurants

Empower your restaurant with Whizhop’s Multimedia Promotional Features

Current day restaurant businesses of any kind faces the challenge of tough competition. The success depends on how unique the business is. Customers always prefer the restaurant which provides food that pleases their taste buds and that creates them and their family a special & friendly environment.

Whizhop’s restaurant billing software products takes a step ahead and provides direct marketing with its inbuilt PROMOTION AND LOYALTY feature. This feature added in your restaurant POS makes your restaurant as one of their regular dining place

Though many restaurants and hotel proffers good promotion and offers to their customers the real challenge comes how well it reaches the right customers. Whizhop’s PROMOTION module solves your marketing concerns and promotes your restaurant, cuisine, offers, and locations of your chain restaurants directly to your customers via our interactive tablet GUEST APPLICATION with centralized promotions managed by the user.

  • Directly markets to your customer
  • No additional manpower resources needed
  • Multimedia Promotions can be integrated in tablet I.e., Audio, video, and images
  • Educate, Inspire & Entertain your customers with Multimedia Promotions
  • Configure and manage your loyalty schemes for your customers
  • Promote special discount schemes on birthday, anniversary, Sports finales & special occasions
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Tablet based customer feedback

Keep your restaurant branding strong with Whizhop's feedback module

Restaurant owners can create their own list of feedback questionnaire that fulfill the requirements related to products and services offered by restaurant. The questions are customized in a way that the customers can give their comments from their heart and also helps them to rate the food and dining experienced in your restaurant with the help of Whizhop’s smart restaurant POS.


Tablet based multi locations management for restaurants

With the help of Whizhop’s restaurant billing software products you can manage multiple outlets run by you. Whizhop is an ideal software gives you Multi-Location Management Solution by integrating all the features that are configured in all your Restaurant POS systems. Since the information and reports are synchronized in centralized cloud enabled server, data’s can be reviewed by the owner at his convenience.

The features that can be configured are E-Menu, Staff, Manage Bills, Customer Management, Recipe Management, SMS Integration (Transaction and Promotional), Promotions via Media, Multi Location, Price book, Feedback/Survey module, etc. provide more accountability, faster service and error free orders.

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Tablet based social media integration for restaurants

Social media integrated with Whizhop’s restaurant billing software allows you to instantly interact with your customers in a social platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. This helps to promote your restaurant business faster and effectively.

Customer will post and share the hospitality offered by you and will recommend your restaurant to their social media friends while dining with the help of Whizhop.


Tablet based dashboard and BI reports for restaurants

Whizhop’s restaurant POS enables the manager and the owner to analyze and manage their restaurant or chain of restaurants with the help of Dashboard and BI Reports.

  • State-of Art Graphical Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Sales summary & Transaction Report
  • Day wise & Timeline based Report
  • Return and Cancel Report
  • Payment type Report
  • Discount Type Report
  • Session wise Report
  • Product wise Report
  • Category wise Sales Report
  • Day close Report
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